My holiday in Sardegna 

Hello people , yeah I finally went on holiday. 

This holiday was needed , I needed a distraction , fun , and a relaxing time. 

I’ve been through a period of my life , where I was particularly stressed not to say the list ; I was everything apart from Good !! 

So many things happened in such a short time.

So I organised an holiday , to Olbia in Sardegna Italy 🇮🇹 .

It was a 3 days holiday , it was a short one .

About Olbia : 

Olbia is a city located in northeast Sardinia;

It has so many beautiful beaches to swim on, and so much to see but the time was short. 

I went to 2 different beaches :

•Pittulungu Beach 

•Bados Beach 

*Pittulungu Beach 

*Bados Beach 

Going back to the beach took me back in the days when I was a little kid , and during summer especially the Ferie Agosto periods : my parents will take my sisters and I to the beach. 

I remembered how we used to play , eat and have so much fun . I remembered what it meant to be happy , I remembered how light minded I was but most especially I remembered how a real smile suits me.

Obviously you would think to have some typical  Italian dish, but that didn’t happen , cause as soon as I saw some sushi and sprig roll business going on , I dived in Chinese and Japanese food. 

As we arrived that evening , we dropped our bags and headed out in search for food came accord this restaurant and I recommend this restaurant YUME’: 

Chicken rice (beautiful):

Ramen with seafood, noodles  egg and veg (Bae) : 

Spring Rolls with Prawn (love of life) absolutely awesome : 

Second day decide to stay home cause it was too hot to step a finger outside , so my friends and I decide to chill at home and watch movies and make some home made food. 

PS: we rented a 3 bedroom apartment for the days we spent .

For dinner we decide to have more Chinese and this was a BUFFET all you can eat : 

We also ordered for some pizza :

Captured a nice view from the aircraft: 

I must confess I really had a wonderful time , and I am looking forward to more holidays . I shall update this post with more pictures soonest 
With love , 

Follow me on Instagram st3ffy_  you will get to see some videos as well ❤️

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