Welcome back to my page , so as you can tell from the title I shall be discussing about My name is my identity . 

For those who doesn’t know , my name is Stefania; when I moved from Italy to United Kingdom to further education, I noticed that so many people find it so hard to  pronounce,  remember and write   my name . 

People Called me Stafinia , some wrote my name satafinia , Stephanie , stephania; I often correct that my name is Stefania , some also argued that writing stephania is the English version so it’s fine .

*NO WAY MA’am 

I want to make an example of why I insist that Stefania is me it’s my identity .

One of my “Aunties “sent me money via Western Union and did not spell my name well, everything else was correct aside that Stefania was written Stafania. 

I pleaded with the guy , and he was like my ID card clearly showed Stefania , and as long as Stafania was written there I could be another person ! 

*i was a bit upset cause i was like , come on its just an A instead of an E . 

And requested for my aunt to make a correction to that just so that he could give me the money. 

So you see a letter out of place my change who you are . 

So please make sure your name is pronounced and written correctly. It might be difficult for an Asian or African etc to pronounce a foreign name , but make sure they learn it . Cause personally if I cannot pronounce your name I rather call you sir or ma’am . 

With this little story I would gladly say I love my name , and it perfectly suits the kind of person I am. 

My name my identity 

With love, 

#identity #london #londonblogger


    • Ahahaha it’s Stefania but if it’s hard for you to remember just abbreviate it to stef or call my native name instead 😉


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