Lizzieloves Workshop+Meet&Greet 🌸

*in the picture Courtney Daniella Vanessardnls and Lizzieloves.

Date: 1st April 2017

Time: 2pm (London time) 

Venue: Hoxton Basement 

Hello guys ,I am so excited , I couldn’t wait to write this post . 

It’s all about lizzieloves workshop+meet and greet . I subscribed to her channel when I was in search of a remedy to clear off my face; I was breaking out and I was so desparate to Clair it. 


I felt in love with her skincare routine and , putting aside that she is so so so so beautiful , I clicked the subscribe button straight away , and began to watch most of her videos and soon became part of her notification gang 🎉🎉🎉. 

I  loved her more when I found out that she studied sociology just like I am doing at the moment  😍 and I love the theme behind her work , which is EMPAWARING WOMEN !! 

Her Motto : Do what you love and love what you do 

Everything about her it’s working with love , I guess that is one of the major reasons why her job is unique. 

Lizzieloves is a vibrant lady , a beutiful soul wrapped up in such a fantastic personality. 

“I personally told her I love the way as you are real in your videos so you are in real life ” (pic below)

She is not poshy and looks down on people . She actually was embracing everyone like she knew them since birth . She was friendly and smiling all time . (POSITIVE VIBES) when you are good from inside your outside will never fake it !! She might not be perfect but definitely she is wonderful. 

I learnt a lot of things at her workshop , so many topics where touched : 

  • How to make money out of blogging 
  • Tips on how to build your self and become professional 
  • Explanations on how communication plays an important role in increasing audience 
  • How to ensure your voice is heard 
  • How to start up a business 
  • How to carry on even when you don’t feel too  
  • How to stay motivated 
  • How to be your self : “You don’t need to be like someone else . Be your self , and build your estetics it’s very important” lizzieloves 
  • And more 

Some of this topics where not only touched by Lizzie but also by wonderful guest speakers such as the CEO of all Shade covered , Courtney Daniella and Vanessa with multiple Q&A sessions.

**Tommy Williams (CEO All Shades Covered) & lizzie’s friend (MC) 

I most say well done lizzieloves you really did a wonderful job. And the decorations were nice as well being that pink is my favourite colour , I loved the white and pink going on .
*i loved so many things ahaha 

Finally , obviously at such places you get to meet other wonderful youtubers , and I had my piece of the cake : 

Who’s in the pic? 

  1. Shadeybangs
  2. JennieJenkins
  3. Mimi_missfit
  4. Lizlizlive 
  5. Glambystefania and Preciousrom
  6. Scoladondo 
  7. Kerenshaven
  8. Rachel bada but I had a vid with her on my Instagram (St3ffy_) 

A day well spent I most say . 

With love , 

#lizzieloves #workshop #meetandgreet #business #london
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Lizzie’s social :

IG and Snapchat : lizzieloves.x 

YouTube: lizzieloves 

Twitter : lizzielove_x 

I believe in encouraging and supporting each other 

As Lizzie said :” Connect with who is there ! ” 💋

*all pictures originally taken by me 

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