🌸 To My Precious Mum🌸

To my precious mum I pray for long life ,

To my precious mum I pray for strength ,

To my precious mum I pray for happiness in every sense of the word, 

To my precious mum I declare love in every area of her life , 

To her I prophecy abundant grace ,

To her I wish constant smile ,( the enemies will not see her teardrops).

My mum my precious gift , God protect her , Lord guide her , lord be with her . 

I cover her with your precious blood lord God . 

She is the best and despite anything I will never ever wish for a different one . My love for you has no boundaries .  

I remember when you had sleepless night just to make sure I was fine , I remember when you fought with me , especially if I wanted to achieve something , I remember when you woke me up at 3am just to advice me in things ahed, I remember how you despised your self to please me. I remember when you gave your last to me , I remember when I was sick you would stay by me all through until I was strong enough, I remembered when my worries were your worries, when my joy is your joy , when my greatest achievements were your pride , I remember your endless and uncountable prayers . 

Oh Lord, 

He will  bless you abundantly, a time will come when I will return all this by taking care of you in your old age . 

Mama I love you 


In Jesus name , Amen 🙏 

With love 

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