Yesterday was a terrible day in London, 

A surpose terrorist attack took place at Westminster yesterday ,exactly close to the Parliament. 

Today’s report  indicates 5 deaths (attacker was shot down by the police , and died afterwards, and also a police man was stabbed by the attacker ) and 29 critically injured presently at the hospital. 

According to various report the efficiency of the emergency services was amazing. And attacker’s name yet to be out . 

To honour those who were attacked yesterday the Big Ben was lit up (CNN): 


My sincere prayers goes to the families of those who were involved in this terrible attack.

You see I really need to thank God personally , I was actually gonna go out yesterday exactly where everything had happened , cause wanted to take pictures to spice up my blog page and IG account. But for some reason I simply enjoyed the comfort of my home . Normally I would go out ,I had  also prepared my outfit etc. Just didn’t feel like going out at all. 

And then I saw this news about Westminster and I was 😱.. 

you don’t realise how life could stop in a twickle of an eye , you don’t know what tomorrow would bring forth . And if you are alive today it’s enough to go on your knees and say “Lord I thank you “. 

Now taking your attention to what is happening in the rest of the world .. in the Middle East that same day, More than 200 civilians are reported to have been killed in a single US-led coalition raid on Mosul. (Iraq)


May God almighty take control over everything , for he maketh the impossible possible , for he is the beginning and the end , at his name every knee bows and tongue confesses that he is Lord. I pray for Peace to rain worldwide , for love to be everywhere . May he be the comforter to the families of those who were involved. In Jesus name : amen 🙏!

With love 

#prayforlondon #wearenotafraid #london #terror 


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