Welcome back to my page King&Queens, 

A while ago my friend and I were just talking about something, can’t remember what exactly, and the She came up saying , she has been battling with inferiority complex !!! That she is ugly , and kind of feels beautiful when puts on make up , so as to avoid seeing her real self . 

And I was shocked , not to say the list  , I couldn’t belieave someone could feel like that about them self. I have always thought people regard them self beautiful/ handsome regardless.

She went further to say, she looks her self in the mirror and cannot figure out how a guy could even date her that the guy is trying. 

**At this point guys my lips were about touching the floor **

It was a mixture of feelings , I didn’t want to believe that someone could feel so bad about theirself. 

Like how can you say such about your self ? I asked 

I was touched by what she said I felt sorry. 

never ever say such things about your self , you are beautiful/handsome and you have to appreciate your self and how God has created you for you are his greatest work.

You are awesome , and if you love yourself it will also show on the outside . You don’t need make up to feel appreciated you don’t need a man or a woman to make you feel beautiful , you don’t need people to make you beautiful. 

Why ? 

Because God knows best, he knows the quality he used to make you and saw that it was good. 

Love your self , if you don’t who will do that for you ? 

With love 



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