Excuse me can I ask you a question ? 

As usual on Monday evenings i’m at work , often times at my place of work , it’s not that busy (on Mondays) so you pretty much have time to chill a bit. 

This Monday was particular to me.. why ? 

As I was completing a customers order  a lovely couple walked in , as I was taking their Order  I was tryna spice up my customer service bringing out my Nigerian accent and funny things I normally do outside (lies do that everywhere lol). 

**at this point a guy walked in and stood on my left hand side area , waiting for me to attend to him . He was tall , and of light chocolate skin complexion**

So as the customers were laughing they had to ask me where do I come from ? And I was like I’m Nigerian -dad Igbo and mum from Edo- . 

-Order completed ✅ , that will take about 10-15 min for it to be ready   Thank you . 

-Hello how may I help ? ;

– Hi , excuse me can I ask you a question ? ;

– Yes please 

– What do you think about mixed tribe/mixed relationships ? 

Right , at this point I was smiling and looking at him, Honestly I was delighted by his question. And I answered that question saying :

“I am open minded when it comes to such things , because we are one , you cannot tell me this tribe is better than x tribe , or this part of Africa (or anywhere else) is better than x side . It’s by the grace of God you get the right one for you” . 

And then he opened up to me , to explain the reason of his question; the reason was that there is this girl he likes so much , and he went forth to tell his mum that this is the girl he likes , and he was like the mum said NO to it, cause the lady in question was  from Edo. And he is an Igbo boy. He went further to say “I don’t even know why I told her self , I regret telling her “. 

I could feel his pain, cause i am currently facing the same thing only difference is that mine is not Nigerian at all . 

For those who do not know Nigeria has got so many tribes , but the ‘major’ tribes are : Hausa , Igbo n Youruba . For an Igbo man to marry a woman from another tribe and the family agrees , my sister and brother you need to thank God oh !!! 

I feel parents want the best for us in all times , and in all ways , no parent would like to see his/her son/daughter suffer . 

And they think they are doing the best for us . But I feel that sometimes you cannot question love , when you feel in your heart and in everything that compose your body that he or she is the one for you is that a joke ? 

– but I love him/her !!!

-do you know what love is? You are still a kid you don’t understand, it’s the Devil . 

When you are in your partners company and all you could feel around the person is peace , someone that makes you feel you can achieve everything if only you believe in God and believe in your self . When the person around you just understands you in every way , someone who cares for you , who expresses his/her love for you , who corrects you when you are wrong , who cannot stand for someone else to hurt you , who shares dreams , passions, tears, ups and downs with you , who is transparent as water, who will not raise a finger on you , and that when you are sick he/she feels it ,when around him or her you feel secured, Please what is this called ? Isn’t this love ? 

– yeah I know , I don’t know why they do this (He says) 

-same here, anyways what’s your order please? 

– a medium pizza please

-£ 5,99 please,okay thank you it will be ready in 10-15 min time  , and yeah follow your heart .

10-15min later 

– Collection for ….. ,here you are  thank you have a nice day , enjoy your meal bye . 

With love 

#lovedontcare #love #tribe #nigerian


    • I understand certain restrictions when it comes to marriage , but this one to me I feel it is not right ! Like this is a form of discrimination , even within your country !


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