Today marks Exactly one week, since I met a wonderful person on my way to University for my Monday lectures. 
The day had already started badly for me , cause the busses from my area took ages to come ,to head towards my Uni, I most get off at London Waterloo and then get another train to my University. When I got to Waterloo I missed two trains and I was so upset about it , cause I didn’t want to be late to lectures. 

Whilst I was walking towards  M&S to get my usual green smoothie , I saw a familiar face , on a tipical day I’ll just pass by , but that day I honestly don’t know what happened cause I was pretty sure about the person I saw. I went back and I was like “Ciao, sei ….” and the look on her face was like who is this pls ? Ahaha 😂  but she was very polite to me , unfortunately she couldn’t remember who I was , but I explained to her we schooled togheter in Verona , but when I changed my school we lost contact. She was actually very happy that I stopped her to reconnect togheter once again . We exchanged numbers and we still keep in touch . 

I was very happy that day even if , it had started badly.

From that day when I found out the amazing job she does , I was delighted to know there are people that are not scared to show their African nature , people who embrace their roots, and expresses this in such a wonderful way. I totally have great respect for her and how far she has gone , let’s say I was inspired and it kind of revived my soul that I will also get there . 

The meeting her back again I know it’s for a reason , and I cannot wait to see what’s gonna happen. 
With love ❤️ 


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