How I got closer to God 

Welcome back with another Monday compilation. 

How I Got closer to God , and how I could feel that he is truly God is amazing to me up to date . Getting closer to him is the best decision I have taken so far. 

At this youthful age , all you want to do is party , have fun , live life and so on. 

My meeting Christ started when I left home to start university, I was no longer under my the guidance of my parents , so it was either I straighten my life and focus on the reason why I was there ; or I wasted my time and life in pleasures of life. 
I was having the mentality that I am now free and can do what I like , but guys it wasn’t so, I was living a life of university , libry , church and home , simple outings like visiting my friend that’s all . 
My transition to getting closer to God happened after a 3 days conference program in church , that turned my life 360 degree.. God bless my pastor for allowing such a program to stand . 

The guest speakers where hitting exactly the challenges I was facing , words of encouragement from every angle, I was petrified , amazed , surprised words cannot explain how I was in those 3 days . 
I made a U turn , I changed completely, hence why today I’m an assistant youth leader&event planner and a choir member. 

I began to see how things are actually changing in my life , I was full of strength , and will to do his works . 

Before I used to be late in church or don’t go at all , I allowed laziness over power me . I wasn’t really dedicated . 

Now I am the same person that before the church opens I’m there. I try my best to attend weekly activities and be prayerful as much as I can . 
After this big change I began to fill the Holy Spirit in several occasions in my life , I discovered how the Holy Spirit communicates with me. I still have a lot to learn but with his help I will definitely get there. 
The same thing that the pastor saw in me to give me such a position as an assistant youth leader so shall I get such promotions at work , in university , in life , and in everything I do in Jesus name . So shall it be in your life and who so ever gets to read this (Amen) . 
It is not too late to get closer to God , the earlier the better .
With love 

#God #change


  1. This write up is an inspiration to me and am amazed by your life style, I envy you cause making that decision is not easy, some actually want it but can’t get it. Knowing God is actually the best Gift in this world.

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    • Ow thanks dear ❤️❤️❤️ u see God is the only place you can run too and get your help .. I’m still working on my self tho dear .. and I am happy to have inspired you ❤️❤️ God bless


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