Under aged to Adulthood

 Welcome back to my page King&Queens 

I just had a throwback about something how, I was before entering adulthood. 

I remembered when I was 13, free minded , no worries, keeping everything simple , lots of friends here and there. At that age you do not understand fully what is a responsibility, you do not understand why sometimes parents do not accept certain excessive demands from you , the reason why they say NO to certain things. At that young age you are living life basically , you are underage and living under your parents you feel you can touch the sky with one finger. 

Anytime someone asks me how old are you , I will be adding 1 year on top of my age ( I still do that now sha lol ) , whilst is left about 10months or more to actually get to the age I am telling people .. and my mum would be like ” na who dash you that age ?” Ahahah 😆. I wanted to grow up fast , and couldn’t wait for that miraculous 18🙌🏾.

18 was the real thing , everyone was looking forward to get to that age . 18 equals to freedom , I’m an adult I can take my own decision .. every time I will be literally dreaming of what I will be doing when I clock 18 of age , I was full of excitement and joy only thinking about it .

When someone older than me says I’m 18 I’ll be like chay lucky you !! 

Now reality about 18, it is not how we actually dreamt it or better still how I dreamt it !!!! 

When I eventually clocked 18, i was the same I saw no difference , I was a bit disappointed cause I thought my body will change , something that will show that I am 18 (apart from getting the Italian citizenship). I was practically the same and I was like me I don’t see any differences ooo . 
But later on I found out that something actually changed, because I was directly responsible for anything I do , I personally answered for every action I took because by law I am an adult and know difference from good or bad , and cannot possibly or easily get away with things , unlike an underaged person. 
And that was one thing I was honestly scared about. 

Now it was time to think about what do I want to do when I get much older ? Change number 2 arrived , my mind set began to change, I was thinking like an adult , like said in previous post , I had less friends, all the things I was dreaming about doing when arriving the 18 i no do am self !! 😪 

Change number 3 arrived , I never knew wisdom was written all over my body , I still need more .. like Solomon, I asked for Wisdom from God each time I kneed to pray adding up more understanding and knowledge. I knew how to do counselling so much , all friends ask for my advice , and most times things I say , when I think of it I’ll be like na me talk this one so ? Me self I’m amazed. I am smart in a silence way because I don’t show off. I am the kind of person that will tell you to ur face things that is not good about you ! I can be 100.5% sincere with you about my personal issue or your personal issue etc ( if you are close enough to me oo ). 

Change number 4 came as well , determination and working with what I declare for my self . I take advice a lot but when something is not fair in my eyes or I don’t seem to work with what you are saying , there is nothing you can do to change that , sometimes I am very strong headed if this is what I want , that’s it full stop . I do what is in my head because I know what I am doing I have studied it enough to know that the road I am following is okay and could be a change in someone or something. I discovered how much I hate discriminations with passion, tribalism, and my passion for helping, I discovered to be really kind and softhearted. I can neglect my self to help another . I believe in your potentials and do not look down on anybody because you might be a president tomorrow , it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are ! If God could look beyond this who am I to do mind it ? 

Change 5 , I am fighter when it comes to things I am choosing for my self, achieving goals is my aim ! The only one I am struggling with is loosing weight (talk for another day sha). I had so many changes in my life since I clocked that 18 and still discovering more .. 

What was your feeling when you clocked 18? And how were you during your underage stage ? 
With love 

#adulthood #underage #change  

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