“Death and life are in the power of the           tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits”. (Proverbs 18:21) 

Welcome back to my page with another exciting topic , which I guess it is of Interest to all of us. 

I came to understand how much power is in our words not long ago; Everything started when I was gonna start my third year of high school in September, my brothers and sisters words cannot explain how the months before resuming school was . I don’t know if worse it’s enough to express the situation back then .

I was so concerned about my studies and how it was going , it wasn’t really going how I wanted it to, my grades where poor my study skills where poor everything 0/0 I was so sad and confused . 

One faithful day my mum said we should fast and pray we should do it togheter, and I was like that’s fine. I seriously did it with all my heart and as long as my strength could take me . I prayed that i wanted to be the best in my class , I wanted to have high grades , I wanted to be focused , I wanted the rest of the year left for me to complete high school to finish with and high grade and also to pass each class without any summer retakes. I was desperate to know the areas I was good in and what I wanted to study in university . I wasn’t really sure of the potential I had to further education. Time to resume school was close and each time I was so confident that oh boy this year I go hamma, I was energised full of life , I was positive right from the beginning . School resumed and I couldn’t believe that maths could become my best friend where others will come up to me to ask me please can you help me out ? Studying was not my problem at all , I became organised and I saw my grades flying high . And I was like God you too much, I never stopped thanking him and today I’m a second year university student 👨‍🎓 

In London. 

With this short story what I was trying to point out is that , during the fasting and prayer period with my mum , I spoke good things for my self , I used good and specific words to my self , I gave my self prophetic and positive words . It was me and God and no one else, that was what I needed at that time. And it happened !! 
You see your mouth and what comes out of it , has the power to up lift you or to bring you down , to make someone or yourself happy or to invite depression, your words can make someone day or destroy it , it can be the reason why someone will make a positive change or become useless. Your word is power and power is in your word, be careful what you say to your self or to others , you don’t know how far a word can go or how deep it can be if influence to people . 

Will see you in my next post 

With love 
#word #power

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