Grinigh facial brush review 


I’m not a beautician or a professional , I’m just reviewing a product that worked for me . It might work on you and might not. 

Hello King&Queens, welcome to my skin care ep. 1

Today I just wanted to review this amazing product I have been using to clear off my acne scars . 

In my first semester of university, I began to have serious break outs on my face black spot/acne scars, pimples and colour discolouration. 

I was actually kinda depressed about it , because I’ve not experienced such before . I began to ask reason why this breakout had happened , and some said it might be due to stress, less maintenance of my skin, ormons etc. 

I researched and tried so many things it just won’t go!!!! 

So the holy grail arrived 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

I purchased this on amazon , it’s got 7 different brushes , it’s got a rotating system as well , and also note that it is not water friendly ; so to wash the brushes after use you need to take them off from the machine it self. It works with batteries (it doesn’t come with the product) . I use this day and night , I damp my face with warm water , and apply black soap directly on the brush or directly on my face,( you can use any product of your choice ) afterwards I use the facial brush  for approximately 1 to 2minutes . And then rinse my face . 

Guys my face will be over cleaned, like you can actually feel your skin thanking you for such a cleaning . 😄 

What it does is to clean your skin deeply, lifting dirts and oils out of your skin and every little trace of make up that your hands couldn’t clean properly. 

I normally use it on a low speed cause I use it daily. But when I newly started using it I used high speed to clean it even deeper. 

After I dry up my face and then use a moisturiser of your choice. I use shea butter or carrot cream . 

Finally I’m good to go . 

Grinigh facial brush:

#beauty #skincare 
Hope this will be of help , 

With love 

Irukablog ❤️

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