A Better Me

Hello King&Queens,

I’m so glad to share this personal feelings with you all. 

Lately I’ve been so in the mood for a change in my life , I feel like discovering more things about my self . I want to embark in a personal journey where I figure out my  strenghts, clarifying future activities and so on. 
I want my today to be greater than my yesterday, and by doing so , I’ll be adding significant value to my life. 

I’m in search of ‘a Better me’;

It comes to a point where I perceive something is missing , something is wrong somewhere , something needs to be fixed. I need a Better me physically and spiritually, I need more of me.

I ask my self where do I start from ? What can I do ? So I just listed few things below that may make you and I discover or better still , reach to a Better me levels. 

  1. Be Prayerful, prayer is the major key 🔑 
  2. Love your self;
  3. Be positive;
  4. Be at your best all the time;
  5. Don’t be discouraged;
  6. Take corrections;
  7. Be Humble;
  8. Smile;
  9. Research everything;
  10. Do or Go or be with , things/people that will add extra knowledge to yours;
  11. Write a personal quote that stimulates your soul

My Personal Quote:

“I am beautiful, I am amazing, God is with me, i will not fall, the gift of life is precious I shall not waste it. I shall be a Better me ” (Irukablog.com)

I personally wrote this quote when I was thinking about discovering a Better me.  

  1. Be active 
  2. Be of Help 
  3. Do things you love

By trying to follow this steps not only I will improve my self but also I might also be the missing shine on an individual’s day. Because you and I will be so vibrant and irresistible that anyone around you will ask you “what’s your secret?” 

Wake up and porsue a BETTER ME ❤️

With love 


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