Hi King&Queens , 
I just popped in to drop down , one of my concerns as to why some people are not appreciative 🤔…
No matter what you do they are never happy , they never appreciate the little you do for them. You can do so much for someone you have at heart , go beyond the beyond to make sure they are happy . But at the slightest mistake , hell will let loose !!! 
The problem with we humans , is that we take most things for granted, we are most time carefree. We should learn how to say thank you , just for having life in you , food on your table, children to look after, education, a family, love, Care, a job, a home , water to drink , an healthy body, freedom, friends, money, people that are ready to make a step forward for you and more.. 

All those things mentioned above is not common to most people around the world, some leave in extreme poverty, some beg for food, freedom, care and all those things mentioned before. 
Thank you , goes a long way in showing appreciation to someone or something. We need to care more about things , about people who go extra mile for us. Be thankful so that life will be more caring to you . 
If you are a manager , director or something , and you’ve got multiple staff working with you or for you; you need to show them appreciation , by doing so you are energising their spirits , their moral will be high , and as a result to that they will love to work more , and make sure they do things right. Without your staff who will know your company at all ? They take care of your customers, and your business they are the face the customers see before getting to you. So appreciate your workers. 
When it comes to relationships or marital life, men appreciate your woman , the fact that she decided to go down with for the rest of her life is enough for you to appreciate her , she doing your laundry, cooking for you , cleaning your home , keeping your home , praying for you day and night for the glory of God to shine upon you and ur business/work , going through the pain to bear you children 👶 , man hold your woman look her in the eyes and say thank you my wife. Women appreciate your man , the fact that he has eyes just for you with all the shapes around, the fact that he goes out of the house everyday to provide for you , the fact that he takes good care of you , it’s enough to appreciate him. 
Parents appreciate your children, they are the power of tomorrow. Don’t keep shouting and shouting .. appreciate them. 
Appreciate everything , even the slightest pin in your daily life. ❤️
Thank you 😊 

With love 


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