Hello King&Queens, 

Sometimes I seat up and just think about my life , I get to a certain point where I ask my self “how far” ? I look back , and see how I grew up into this determined young lady I am today. 
There where particular situations and events that happened in my life in which I felt so depressed , less-loved , everything around me looked so dead . I fought with my self and my emotions alone, no one really sat down to ask me “what’s up with you ?” 

Mistakes , and wrong people where part of this journey . And when I realised how much time I wasted , I regret everything and was even more shy of my self. 
But today I feel so blessed , I feel renewed, I didn’t give chance for sadness to rule over me . The devil wanted to tie up my potentials free of charge; I fought back , I stood up, faced a Mirror and said to my self , I am more than this , I am wonderfully and beautifully made, I am a woman with potentials, I am intelligent, I will be what I am meant to be. 
Things I regret about , now became a source of inspiration to the woman I am building to be , it was an eye opener . 

Everything that happened in my life i appreciated it , I began to learn from them . I grew up so much , I won’t even lie about it . 
There is a difference between people you know and people whose friendship turned out to became a sort of sister/brother hood. It became a tight bond , people that will be there when you are down and help you stand back on your feet ! This is whom I can go beyond for . They are not just my friends, they turned out to be FAMILY . 
Different situations made me discover my self and how many dreams and ambitions I had in my head . Things I never knew I could do. I knew God was cooking up something great , and he hasn’t finished with me yet . It’s not by my power , but by that of God and his infinite mercy . 
I am so glad I stood up when I did , and started pursuing my dreams at once, but unfortunately not everyone has that power to rise again !!you are not alone always remember that , of the devil is trying to pull you down , it’s because he knows you are a great person , don’t be scared fight back , with prayers, fasting, self-confidence , self-appreciation ,self love, faith, and so on .. you have to hold on to something , something that will not fail you . And even if you fail , it’s not the end of the world .. RISE UP, and try again . That is how a failure becomes a victory. 
I had supports from everyone especially my mum and friends and even English teacher , it was amazing. 
DO NOT allow the situation you are facing right now , discourage your tomorrow , build up the person you would like to see in the future . And when you get at the end of your journey you can look back and smile , you will be at the top to celebrate your brighter days . 
Future is supreme ❤️

With love, 


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